The Four Layers of 2020 Goals Hierarchy

While I was setting up the goals for 2020, instead of grouping to traditional categories (areas of goals) like before, I’ve layered the goals based on the impact across the different layers of society.

There’s a phrase “修身齊家治國平天下” from an ancient Chinese classic “大學”, which translates into four phases of ruling the world:

  1. 修身: Developing and disciplining yourself to raise your intellectual and moral capacity
  2. 齊家: Taking care of your family and organizing your household
  3. 治國: Ruling the country
  4. 平天下: The world will be peaceful

Inspired from this phrase, I’ve organized the goals into the following four laters of 2020 goals hierarchy:

  1. Personal Growth: Focusing on self-development on intellectual and communications capacity and taking care of myself physically
  2. Family & Partners: Relationships with the immediate family members and people close by
  3. Life’s Works: SendBird’s growth, customer happiness, product innovation, and hiring and growing leaders
  4. Future of Humanity: Learning actionable ideas to impact areas that go beyond our generation, such as 1) the next generation of kids education, 2) global economy and the future of capitalism, 3) climate change and environmental preservation, and 4) sustainable living and the growth of future cities.

2020 goals feel a bit more aspirational and tightly knit than the past couple of years, but I wanted to put a bit more pressure on myself to step up this year, as my responsibilities have grown significantly recently.

I feel very excited about the 2020 and looking forward to making great things happen!

Author: John

Positive tenacity. CEO at SendBird 💬 The no.1 conversations platform for mobile apps. Investor at Valon Capital. Ex-#1 FPS pro-gamer. ⭐️ Interested in creating scalable impact through technology.

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