That Extra Bit of Focus

‘The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.‘ — Henry David Thoreau

Like water, our attention flows in a frictionless world. Real-time updates on social media, constant push-notifications on our mobile phones, and so many entertaining contents devours our attention little by little.

Attention, like time, is really a limited resource, varying perhaps among individuals, but finite as a person. One app might fight for your attention from the other. If you place the Kindle icon next to your Facebook icon, I can bet the Facebook icon wins your touch nine out of ten.

Many have attempted to get out of the massive gravity of Facebook, or any other ‘social belonging’ apps have you, by deactivating their accounts, only to return from the futile refuge.

It’s just that extra bit of discipline towards a goal that will let you escape from the moment of truth, an innate compulsion towards an instant gratification.

That’s where having a specific goal can help you regain your focus. That extra bit of focus, a single judgment done in matter of seconds, compounded each minute and every hour will move you towards your daily goal.

And the daily goals that you’ve achieved by going through the path of greater resistance are perhaps the royal road to your purpose.

Author: John

Positive tenacity. CEO at SendBird 💬 The no.1 conversations platform for mobile apps. Investor at Valon Capital. Ex-#1 FPS pro-gamer. ⭐️ Interested in creating scalable impact through technology.

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