Techstars S14 – wrapping up Week 4

Time flies. As Jon Bradford (MD, Techstars) puts it, “It feels like you’ve been here forever, yet at the same time, time goes by so quickly.”

Last night, we had a round table (without the table), each going in circles sharing what was the one best thing that you’ve learned in the first month through Techstars. That moment, we all felt that camaraderie, a sense of belonging and kinship as fellow entrepreneurs, and as a fellow Techstars batch.

Having spent 7 days a week, from 9am til midnight for our entire month, we were literally doing 100+ hours weeks. Away from our family, we were focusing purely on our work most of time, if not all the time. We set stretch goals each week, shipped every single week, got support from the mentors and the other teams and this has been a great adventure.

There were many teams who pivoted in small and big ways, a team who fell down but got back up quickly with amazing resilience, teams who came from all over the world giving others support in myriads of different ways. We all shared our thoughts, with many laughs, but some moments of tearfulness as well.

Some will fail. Some will succeed. But all in all, Techstars is a great experience for all entrepreneurs.

Author: John

Positive tenacity. CEO at SendBird 💬 The no.1 conversations platform for mobile apps. Investor at Valon Capital. Ex-#1 FPS pro-gamer. ⭐️ Interested in creating scalable impact through technology.

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